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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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retiring and that includes faculty. last year, almost 100,000 qualified applicants were turned away from nursing schools in the united states because there were not enough faculty to teach them. so there does need to be some fiscal responsibility to increase nursing going on to become faculty in nursing schools. >> you do this through financial incentives? >> certainly through financial incentives, giving back to the community, nurses that are willing to take positions in faculty and work in areas that are undeserved to get more nurses in the united states. >> thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> thank you. >> i too want to thank you for coming today and i thank you for
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looking to the right instead of all the to the left. i was pleased, senator mccain to see that you support some of the objectives of president obama and his health care proposals like coverage for all, lowering the costs, eliminating preexisting conditions, and things like that. now some of the things that were said here today, i don't agree with, you mentioned that the two-year wait in england to be treated for m.s., i have a daughter-in-law who has m.s., she waited 20 years because she could get no health care coverage, she could not get insurance because she possibly might have m.s. so from the time she was in her 20s on, she was denied any insurance until she qualified for medicaid and was totally disabled. now that is not right. our country is better than that. >> yes, ma'am. could i just quickly -- could i
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just quickly respond and then continue? i agree with you, i hold no grief for much of the practices of the insurance companies in america, don't get me wrong. and we have to fix the preexisting condition situation. ma'am, we don't shout at my town hall meetings. so i agree with you. we have to address the issue of people with preexisting conditions, people are unable to obtain health care insurance and we should do it through risk pools and it's going to cost money. go ahead. >> all right, the other thingma is something that president obama said that is the medical facility we should pattern our health care reform on. >> they just don't agree with his proposals. >> they suggest some of the same things that the mayo clinic is
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doing and i have some experience with the mayo clinic, my husband who was on medicare chose to stay on just the regular larry medicare and so he has a choice of going to mayo. i chose an hmo with medicare, and i'm wondering, would we have that choice with our government-provided medicare, why are so many people opposed to a government provided health care option? i believe -- i believe you, senator kennedy, i just promoted you. senator mccain, i'm sorry. i believe you have had access to government provided health care for most of your life. and, you know, i would imagine that most of us here are on medicare and there may be some who would like to give up that
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you are medicare. no, none of us do. so what is so wrong with government provided health care? >> thank you. >> i have one more question. and the proposals that you were suggesting, i didn't see any way to control costs. that's been one of our major problems, now i don't like the denial of care, the rationing of care by the health insurance companies, but that the costs have gone out of control. so how would you propose -- how would your system control it? >> i'll send you a copy of that poster board there, i don't want to get into it with mayo clinic, but, ma'am, in all due respect, here's what they said, the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to provide higher quality and more affordable health care americans, in fact
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it will do the opposite. wellness and fairness and rirveg pools t ability to go across state lines to purchase health insurance. give each family a $5,000 refundable health care refund. this wonderful person i just talked to which is hospital readmissions which is a tremendous increase in costs. we can do so many reforms and so many things we can change, if we're incentivizing wellness and fitness as well without adpopting a government plan. all the way in the back, a young woman with her hand in the air and then i'll go back to you. >> thank you, senator mccain. i am concerned about health care not only for me, my children, and my unborn grandchildren, but i feel that this has got a lot more to do than just health care. for the first time in my life, i
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am concerned about my freedom. [ applause ] i would like to know if that is even possible, because i want the right to speak my own mind and make my own decisions. >> i can tell you we have the freest and most wonderful nation in the world and i believe that
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we will protect your freedom. i don't -- the second part of your question was that -- >> i heard there are people that are going -- i heard that they're trying to redo the constitution. can they do that. >> what you're referring to, my friends is that some years ago when we adapted a budget process and i know that when you start talking about this, you get a thing called mego, my eyes glaze over. >> you're watching senator john mccain at a town hall on health care. but some pointed questions there about health care and the public option, some supporters and many critics. good afternoon, everybody, i'm david schuster, life in washington. >> we even heard some people shouting at senator mccain and
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he said there would be no shouting at his town hall. obviously showing even the republicans out there are taking some heat at these town halls. but we begin with the big picture. former vice president dick cheney says that a -- proves his points that those tactics work. cheney requested two cia documents to be released earlier this year to back up his claim that the harsh techniques used on terror suspects saved midweste american lives. in a statement, the former vice president said, quote, the activities of the cia in arres carrying out the policies of the bush administration were directly responsible for defeating all efforts by al qaeda to launch further attacks on the united states. our cpeople involved deserve
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gratitude, they do not deserve to be the targets of political vefgtss or prosecutions. >> if the country gets a chance to see what our country was spared, they will -- instead of idly debating which political opponents to prosecute and punish, our attention will return to where it belongs on the continues threat of terrorist violence and on stopping the men who are planning it. >> of course that is that was then and this is now. the justice department now launching a criminal investigation into past interrogation tactics, cheney says it's a reminder of why, quote, americans have doubts about this administration's ability to be responsible for our nation's security. >> and tamron, now the bigger picture, despite former vice president cheney's demands that the documents be released. the documents contain no evidence to back up his assertion that the information from terror suspects could only be obtained through enhanced
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techniques. the report contains investigation that the tactics were used before waterboarding were used. the cia report notes that khalid sheikh mohammad was -- in two other -- the cia documents back up previous claims that the information provided by terror detainees was false. and the report released yesterday t cia inspector general writes, measuring the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques is a more subjective process and not without concern. do you know right off the bat whether we know if this information that was coughed up might have been obtained through something other than torture or enhanced interrogation
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techniques? >> i suspect none of us on this program are. but the report shows that some of these enhanced interrogation techniques did have an effect with regard to having some of the detainees become more forthcoming. but i think the debate today is not about that report, it's about whether or not a political decision by the obama administration to open a criminal probe after -- excuse me -- >> the debate that vice president cheney has been waging for years is that this was the only way of obtaining this information and chris, doesn't this cia document back up the idea cheney was wrong, we don't know whether the information could have been obtained, we know that the information was obtained through not enhanced interrogation techniques and the interrogation techniques provided false information and in other cases it provided accurate information. >> i think vice president cheney
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is performing waterboarding at home. when you look at the cia report, it actually disproves the premise that these enhanced interrogation techniques were effective. the sad reality is that dick cheney is out there every so often to basically attack the obama administration on these false notion that somehow it's the obama administration making the country less safe when it was the bush-cheney administration making the country less safe. and it's dick cheney trying to cloud over the fact that they went down a path that this country should never have gone down a path which is to torture individuals when we didn't need to. >> lenny, let's take up now the debate that you wanted to raise and that is whether or not people should be prosecuted. here's some of the techniques that were listed in the cia report. >> sure. >> smoke being blown into people's faces, making a prisoner vomit. mock execution, beating with heavy flashlights, excessive waterboarding, choking to the
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point of unconsciousness. all of these went beyond the guidelines that the interrogators had been given. if somebody was acting beyond the guidelines, why shouldn't there be an investigation to determine whether a crime was commit. >> the reason it's clear is because professional career lawyers at the justice department in '04 looked at the exact same evidence that they're looking at today and they found no evidence of overabuse. what's the difference between the evidence today and the evidence four years ago is politics. the worst thing that obama could have done was to send a signal to our intelligence officials that he can't be trusted. by going against his word. >> that's outrageous. >> no, it's the truth. >> that's an outrageous statement. >> it's not correct at all. the cia is in fear of this administration. it was told it would not criminalize those issues and no it did.
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>> this is playing loose with facts. what attorney general -- >> it is absolutely the facts. >> what attorney general holder has done is appoint a special prosecutor who's going to investigate whether there should be -- wait a second. >> lenny, let him finish. >> whether there should be any prosecutions. now here's the one thing they do have an issue with, the issue is if you're going to prosecute these lower level individual who is may have been following orders and went beyond the orders, we should also be investigating and prosecuting the people that gave those orders. and the reality in terms of your point in 2004, let's not even pretend that the justice department under bush which is the most politicize justice department in 30 or 40 years in this country had any intention to investigate this issue at all. >> a new comment from the former vice president saying in fact that these people, we should show gratitude to these interrogators and david went down some of the techniques but also some of the threats in this report, with threats of handguns
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and drills being put to someone's head, threatening to kill one's family, sexual assault of family members, the people who carried out those threats, do they deserve our gratitude as the vice president said? >> the penal who helped keep america safe in the aftermath of 9/11 absolutely deserve our gratitude, you bet. not everybody likes the dark underbelly of intelligence gathering and investigations. >> threats of sexual assault is a dark underbelly? >> i think americans don't want politicians, tv commentators or political consultants like me and chris to determine what's appropriate. >> the cia report said there were false leads result of some of these tactics? isn't that the report that in some cases these tactics didn't work and in some cases we would have been able to get the information without using tactics that would stain the
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reputation of the united states? >> in hindsight, that's really terrific. but in the aftermath of 9/11, i was in the bush administration, i remember that we were in a culture of fear and we were look at information that said we were under under imminent attack. >> that's exactly what you're saying, and here's the important point to keep in mind, this is a question of whether the law was followed or whether the law was broken, it is really that simple, torture was against the law. now i know the bush justice department wanted to somehow redefine the law every which way but loose, in terms of -- >> career lawyers shouldn't be called liars. >> we're going to end it right there, it's obviously a very passionate debate. chris and lenny, thank you very much. vice president cheney has a way of getting under a lot of people's skin and when you have situations like this when the
3:17 pm
vice president himself is saying this just proves my point when the documents prove the vice president was wrong, it makes for a very passionate debate. >> the debate gets under people's skin especially when you hear what was threatened by some of these interrogators. ahead the possible criminal charges that someone could be facing in regards to michael jackson's death. could it be the last doctor who saw michael jackson alive? we're going to take a closer look at what the doctor claimed happened to michael jackson. plus should the fed limit the size of your carry on luggage? will it just mean more tasks for the airlines who are adding even more fees for checking bags? >> and a shocking new ad that's warning teenagers about the dangers of texts while driving. a lot of people are saying this ad crosses the line while the message is supposed to save lives.
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wrab to welcome back to msnbc. >> michael jackson's doctor could face criminal charges now that the -- the dr. told investigators that he had been trying ing ting to wean jackso powerful drug. dr. murray said he gave in to michael jackson's demands for dangerous drugs. this is according to an affidavit. court documents reveal a timeline of jackson's final hours. 1:30 a.m., dr. murray gave jackson a valium but it does not put him to sleep.
3:22 pm
a half hour later, the doctor told him that he was given lorazepam. and then she was given midazolam. and then he put lorazepam and then he administered the anti-anxiety medicine. then he administered propofol. then he went to the bathroom and when he returned jackson was not breathing. then you've got a lot of speculation by police. >> what the attorney said was that parts of the timeline, parts of it are accurate and then he focused on something called the timeline. the doctor's position here was that he was trying to wean jackson off of the the propofol,
3:23 pm
he said that jackson had been given 50 milligrams in and of itself which is a lot of this drug which is generally only used by anesthesiologists in a medical facility. he says i'm trying to wean it off of it. i'm giving him these other drugs to try to avoid giving him the propofol. and it doesn't work. as a legal work, it doesn't matter that michael jackson asked for it. that doesn't help. >> if this timeline is true and these medicines were administered to michael jackson, was any of this against the law? >> it's not per se against the law for a doctor to administer propofol, but when the coroner rules that it's a homicide as it appears they did in this case, what that means is that the coroner's saying is that this death was the results of the actions of someone else, meaning it was not michael jackson
3:24 pm
himself that administered these drugs. >> does that equate to manslaughter? voluntary manslaughter? >> it does not mean that he's getting charged. it means that the coroner here is saying someone else caused the death. but it's fair to say that there was an investigation into dr. murray, why dr. murray? when there were other doctors that were administering propofol, it's because he was the one that administered it that night. he's the subject of an investigation at this point. >> david, what do you think? i mean you've got this timeline and this is an incredible story, if this was what was happening behind those doors at michael jackson's rented home? >> i think the timeline backed up something that dan said yesterday, that this is a case of jennegligent homicide, i mea
3:25 pm
obviously dr. murray did not want michael jackson to die, but if the evidence comes out that he wasn't experienced they could make a case for negligent homicide. up next, some scary moments for television news crews they were attacked by a woman wielding a hoe. >> yeah, a crazy story. but first, dan wants to stick around for this story. take a look at this video. from new jersey where today a small plane crash landed in a mall parking lot, no one on the ground was hurt. the pilot if you can believe this was able to automatic away from it all. emergency crews rushed to the scene and sprayed the fire retard don't on the plane. no word yet on why this pilot was forced to make that emergency landing. wow. if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, other heart attack could lurking waiting to strike.
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just ahead on the big picture, turning the tide on health care, why some key parts of the country may be swinging back towards supporting the public option. >> plus even more headaches for those of us who travel by air. new fees for checked bags and a new proposal for the feds to limit the size of your carry on luggage. plus later in the show, some ms. universe contestants are raising awareness of hiv at the condom olympics. ♪ let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above and the thing called love ♪ helps lower cholesterol. promotes overall well being and provides a good source of natural fiber try metamucil, in powders, capsules and fiber singles.
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right now the dow is trading up about 55 points, the s&p 500 is up 3.5 points and the nasdaq
3:33 pm
sup 5.5 points. oil prices took a tumble settling just above 22 dlrds a barrel. the u.s. housing market may be on the rebound. home prices rose 3% from the first quarter. the first quarterly increase in three years. new data suggests that consumers are handling their credit cards a little better. delinquencies are down from 1.23% in the first quarter. back to msnbc. no compromises, no compromises, no compromises, senator nuke it now. >> that of course was a health care town hall in arizona with john mccain being urged on by some conservative activists there in attendance. i'm david schuster live in los
3:34 pm
angeles. >> i'm tamron holalhall, that's mccain -- the big picture right now, of course is health care reform. the focus of that town hall with senator mccain and democrats are planning about 1,000 rallies between now and labor day when congress returns from august recess and reform supporters want lawmakers to see that americans still support an overhaul of this system. and starting tomorrow, a health insurance reform now bus will actually travel across the country holding events in 11 different cities, the cities, denver, des moines, charlotte, milwaukee, st. louis, minneapolis and columbus. plus the public option is now getting support from centrist center max baucus. a member of the so called group of six, that group of senators negotiating health care reform. it appears the public is still not getting accurate information about the public option and
3:35 pm
other possible health care reforms. the majority of americans still believes some of what the white house has labeled myths about reform. indiana university's center for health policy and professionalism research says that 51% says that public option health care will increase costs. and there probably won't be a bill before the end of the year, perhaps not at all. >> and tamron, now the bigger picture, despite the pessimism from people like john mccain -- max baucus spoke about his support for the public option in a conference call with montana democrats. and now the denver post one of the largest papers in the mountain region is calling for a public option, saying it's the only way to bring about real
3:36 pm
reform. it it's the best way to slow escalating health care costs and expand access to quality care. the country ultimately will lose if the public option vanishes because of the democratic's best effort to reform health care. what's going on with max baucus. >> i think we'll feel the impact of that editorial, we have got a lot of congressional elections here that are going to be contested. congressman john salazar is up for a tough election. becky mary up for a tough election and i think you'll see the republican editorial peace sup for debate. they have said that they conc t conceptually support a public option. but you never know what's going to happen in the negotiation. in relation to max baucus, a new poll came out showing that the democrats in montana, quite a small state are extremely unhappy with baucus on the issue of health care and baucus who
3:37 pm
said he strongly supports a public option, but has subsequently -- you're seeing a lot of movement there. >> in fact, let's put up a poll, it's from the liberal blog, 34% of montana democrats approve of senator max baucus's actions on health care. 55% disapprove and again, max baucus has been leading the effort to try to negotiate some sort of bipartisan compromise with republicans despite no evidence that the republicans are giving the democrats anything in return. does max baucus does he read into this that he's signaling the democrats in montana if the democrats don't come along, yes the public option will be there and what we try to get through? >> i take a more cynical view, i think he's saying something to local folks that he's not saying to national folks and negotiators, and this is a typical max baucus thing. he says one thing at home and goes back to washington and says something else. the question will be attend of the day where he does go down.
3:38 pm
he takes a huge amount of money from the pharmaceutical and health care industry. montana is a very small state, max baucus isn't up for re-election for a number of years, but he is always worried about losing a democratic primary. he does not support a public option, you can bet there'll be real pressure for a democratic primary. >> we have heard back and forth of whether a public option is back on the table. so it beyond a message to mr. baucus. >> absolutely, i think if a main stream conservative paper like the denver post which is a huge regional force in this region, it is coming out saying the public option is absolutely necessary and as you'll notice, the message was necessary to keep costs down. that's a fiscal conservative message, if that's the message coming from a moderate conservative editorial board that's very big, i think it is a
3:39 pm
message from the white house that it's got to get back on the message. >> david thanks for the update from denver, we appreciate it and tamron, you know the anti-reform crowd on the right own the early part of august, you almost get the sense that things are starting to pick up on the left as far as the last couple of weeks of this month and that could make it very intriguing. >> those that think this debate is dead or that we have seen the best of the back and forth, i certainly think they're wrong after this recess. >> fewer flights, longer lines, five hour waits on the tarmac and now, a new government run baggage program? >> yes, david, a congressman from the great state of illinois has proposed a new law to limit the size of carry-on bag to eliminate the battle of what gets checked and what doesn't. flyers are stuffing oversized luggage into the overhead bins, something that airlines say is
3:40 pm
unsafe. tom, the airlines already have that little cage thing that you're supposed to measure your carry on to make sure that's not too big for the carry on spot. why do we need more. >> american airlines went out and bought brand new of those baggage checks that actually work now. but i fly -- i have probably four or five million miles behind me and at the same time, you know, i carry the right size bag as long as you make that leaner size requirement, you're going to be able to do this, the biggest problem the airlines have today is the fact that because we have to pay $20 or $25 for that first checked bag, many people are bringing their bags on the airplane. they're still going to have the overhead space, i don't care if you make the bag 50 or 55 inches, i'm not sure what he's
3:41 pm
thinking, if you go back a few years, the airlines used to have a little cub by hole when you went through security and you had to push that bag through that hole. then the lines got back up, because people had to get back, take clothing out and remove them. i think it is all ridiculous. and that's the last thing i need at the tsa, don't give me another reason why the lines are going to get longer. >> these days people fly for recreation, and if you have to force people to pay for their bags to be checked, aren't you just cutting your nose to spite your face? >> i do sometimes believe they're moving the kitchen sink and the house and everything else on the plane, and if they force that out at the gates. we saw over the holidays last year, i call them baggage police, they were at the point
3:42 pm
before they even entered tsa, they made sure that the bags were the right size requirement. if they want to do that, that's fine too, to stop it before they even get in the security line and into the system. and let's protect the customer that way. but again, if they meet that requirement, i still don't see that overhead problem going away, i think it's going to be there, now you can still check your luggage like i do, but you know what? i still have the privilege of checking them for free. i don't do it because the airline still 100 dreads and hundreds of thousands of bags plus i don't want to wait an hour for my bags. >> if this is all about money and getting the airlines more money, if the democrat from illinois represents a district that united i believe is based in and also includes one of the chicago airports, this is an effort to try to make sure that the airlines pay more for checked bags. >> i think he's probably talked to that guitar man and, you know, nighted broke his guitar
3:43 pm
and said maybe he should have checked the bags in or something. but i just think right now, the airlines right now if we had to reduce and buy new luggage, that would also be a hardship for a lot of americans too. i think most of us have the right size. what he's talking about is taking that normal size that probably everybody has in their closet and shrink it and make it smaller. that would make it even more of a hardship for most americans. >> so we basically voted this down. ceo of best, thank you very much. tom makes a great point, you already have a bag that fits the regulation that all of these airlines pretty much agree on, i think also and i'm sure this has happened to you, if you fly in the middle of the plane, by the time you get on the plane, somebody's already taken your overhead space. my seat goes with my overhead space, don't let you take my space. >> if you want to bring a checked bag, no matter what size
3:44 pm
it is, if it doesn't fit in your lab, you got to pay, and at least its fair. >> there's a big buzz outside of that one. police in florida are investigating a situation after a woman caught on camera attacking several news crews with a garden hoe. the reporters first arrived after the woman called police to report her underaged daughter was actually working in a strip club. take a look at what happened next. >> don't put that camera in my face! get it out right now! [ bleep ]. >> okay, so that woman was identified as the teen abager's grandmother. it's been all over the internet and people have been talking about. somebody called the police in the home. why am i talking about this, david? >> it goes to the old saying, tamron, you never mess with somebody's grandmother, ever. >> there you go, that's a good
3:45 pm
one. >> reporters should know better. up next, who's to blame for michael jackson's death. is dr. murray taking the blame for years of abuse by other doctors? we all know simon cowell is one of the harshest critics on reality tv, but what did he have to say about this young man? certainly it's making entertainment headlines. the big picture on msnbc. 90s s. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪ ♪ that can strain your relationships and hurt your pride ♪ ♪ it's the credit roller coaster ♪ ♪ and as you can see it kinda bites! ♪ ♪ so sing the lyrics with me: ♪ when your debt goes up your score goes down ♪ ♪ when you pay a little off it goes the other way 'round ♪ ♪ it's just the same for everybody, every boy and girl ♪ ♪ the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl ♪ ♪ so throw your hands in the air, and we 'em around ♪ ♪ like a wanna-be frat boy trying to get down ♪ ♪ then bring 'em right back to where your laptop's at... ♪
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3:49 pm
who is prescribed jackson drugs? dr. murray told investigators he gave jackson several drugs before he died but he had been abusing drugs for years. a former san diego district attorney and a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, garry, on the point that there should be others that should be reviewed, what do you make of it? >> absolutely, there's no doubt there's so many other doctors that should be involved in a variety of drugs. that most likely contributed to michael jackson's current state of death. if they bring that against one doctor only, they're going to have a problem, because any defense attorney is going to bring out that it was not him that was the substantial cause of death and they're going to bring out the list of the other drugs he was taking at the time. >> and that's a solid defense argument, isn't it? >> there's only one doctor who admitted to the drug that actually caused his death right
3:50 pm
there, right then at his home. and that doctor certainly is the only one who's going to face any possible charge of a homicide or a manslaughter. the other doctors have other criminal charges in california involving false prescriptions, wrong prescriptions, not medically indicated prescriptions but probably not a homicide or manslaughter charge. >> dr. murray said he was trying to wean jackson off of propofol, is that his -- >> his intent was never to do harm to michael. in a murder case, even in a manslaughter case, you have to prove that the person was trying to cause serious physical injury or should have known that it would cause serious physical injury death. >> wouldn't have doctor have known that there would be no way to treat someone with insomnia, you would expect a doctor to know that could have potentially
3:51 pm
suppressed his breathing and resulted in death because that's what those medicines do? >> that is what those medicines do and there's always a risk that that can be happen even on a smaller doses. but in a criminal case, we're not talking about on a civil case is whether he intended to cause physical injury or death. here you may have a negligent homicide, but i don't see a manslaughter. >> paul, where is this going now? >> there are three part to a manslaughter in california, one, was it an illegal act, because it was a doctor, probably yes. and the second is a little more troubles, the word is might have produced death, if the answer is yes, the next and sir cup it's really clear where this is headed. if the da chooses to prosecute this case, you will hear medical
3:52 pm
expert after medical expert discussing whether there was due care and circumspection. >> paul and gary, thank you both so much. we appreciate it. it's an interesting case. even putting aside everything that's going to happen if there are charges and a possible trial, you almost get the sense at the end of the day, a jury is going to be sending notes to the judge saying please explain this law about due care, what does it mean? >> that will be the tough part. that's why perhaps it would be the battle of experts and who would be the most convincing explaining this. up next, david, is it scared straight? there's a new ad, actually a public service announcement warning of the dangers of text messages. we can all learn from it, but does it cross the line? and later in the show, some democrats are now pushing for a time table to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. you're watching "the big picture" on msnbc.
3:53 pm
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welcome back. in today's crossing the line, this story comes with a strong warning. the video you're about to see is tough to watch. with that said, it's a powerful life-saving message, and it's a huge hit on the internet. the video is being called very graphic and frightening by the national transportation safety board's chairman. the public service announcement from a police department in britain is designed to send a message about texting while you drive. a driver camed kathy survived a tragic accident but she causes the death of four other people. >> what's the number? >> so now parents in the states are using that video from across
3:57 pm
the pond to really hammer the message to their kids not to text while driving. the government does not yet check the number of accidents caused by someone e-mailing or texting behind the wheel, but 17 states and the district of columbia now ban texting while you drive. ban are not always enough. 25 people died and more than 100 were injured after a los angeles train engineer ran a signal seconds after texting. take a look at the video again. >> bring an ambulance! bring an ambulance! stay still. i can't open the door. >> so whap do ywhat do you thin? is this a good scare tactic? does it cross the line? you tell me. let us know what you think we'd love to hear from you. it's almost 4:00 on the east
3:58 pm
coast. there's a lot more ahead. we will look at president obama's message machine and today's news about fed chairman ben bernanke. why the president wants to keep him and why he made the announcement now. plus, new talk about impeachment for south carolina's republican governor mark sanford. this time the talk is coming from his own party. also, why jessica biel is considered the most dangerous celebrity on the web. you're watching "the big picture" on msnbc. i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack.
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